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Stromwater & Wastewater

BRV Consultants team offers stormwater & wastewater management including stormwater disposal via on-site soakage, detention/retention specification and off-site discharge to public reticulated stormwater systems or watercourses. BRV Consultants can also provide stormwater neutrality assessments for rural countryside living areas.
Excessive stormwater become run-off flows via overland flow path and can cause flooding that can have potential risk and/or impact to the surrounding environment. Stormwater comes from rain collected in roofed or paved areas and run-off from rainfall exceeding the soil capacity to absorb water.
Works completed by our experienced personnel include but are not limited to:
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  • On-site Stormwater Soakage Investigation;
  • Assessment of Soakage Capacity;
  • Off-site Stormwater Management;
  • Stormwater/Hydraulic Neutrality Reporting.
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